Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Wyoming" in Chicago

Cody Enterprise, November 29, 1916

Olive Fell at Chicago Art Institute:

'My school work is just wonderful.
When I pass all those grand pictures
every day it seems like heaven. I go
to school from nine in the morning
until five in the evening. On Satur-
day I have sketch class from nine
until noon. I enjoy this work so and
wish that I could go all my life. I am so
happy to think that this is the kind of
work I am taking up. There is such a
wonderful atmosphere about it all and
I am filled with inspiration and happiness.'

H. M. is the highest mark given at the Art
Institute and Olive has been getting this
mark on most of her work. She enjoys
the sights in Chicago and
is not homesick and says that her classmates
have nicknamed her "Wyoming".

Olive was 20 years old and fresh out of Cody High School.

This is an image I pulled up of a National Women's Party protesting for suffrage rights at a President Wilson speech, Chicago, October 1916. Olive could have been at this protest.

This is a photo of downtown Chicago in 1916:

This is what Cody looked like around the same time:

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