Friday, August 5, 2011

Olive Tales

I've enlisted friends in Wyoming to help with finding Olive, and things are getting good. A meandering message sent out on Facebook is resulting in some good finds. Several people are sending messages about pieces their parents have hanging in the house, and other people have some good stories.

Here's our first juicy bit

"You are making me obsessed with her now... I have always had memories of her like an old auntie. I called my mom last night and she told me that olive was great friends with my grandfather. ... (She) told me a great story last night. I guess Mr. Weiss bought Olive's ranch while she was alive and gave her a lifetime right to live there. She took her check and went to Billings to go shopping. When she came back she stopped in to see my grandpa. He asked her what she bought and she said 'A comb. It was all I needed.' That story tickled my grandpa so much because it was so like her."

I love that she went all the way to Billings, and only bought a comb. It is true that when Olive sold the 4 Bear Ranch she was given a life tenancy. She made sure that was also extended to the wild horses.

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