Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For Minds To Know: The Project's first acquisition!

The Olive Fell Project now has it's first acquired work: "For Minds to Know" (c. 1934?) 29/150.

This image is unlike any of the signed works we've seen by Olive, but much in the style of that strange deco series that we posted previously (more on those later). This image seems set in Wyoming (that formation that the figure is standing on looks very much like Castle Rock, on the Southfork.)
We have a Cody Enterprise article from 1936 that references this image:

"Wyoming's Miss Fell has contributed 27 prints of the Western scene and wild animal life that deserve close scrutiny and weighted consideration. The artist has draftsmanship and remarkably fine technique. An imaginative strain is given full play in "For Minds to Know," an effort to see past the finite dramatically presented..."

The Olive Fell biography from the National Museum of Wildlife Art says:

"Despite her isolation from the artistic community, Fell became known especially for her etchings. For Minds to Know was chosen as one of the one hundred best prints of the year by the Society of American Etchers in 1934. During the 1930s, several of her prints were featured in exhibitions sponsored by organizations such as the International Etchers, the Northwest Printmakers, and the Society of American Etchers. She also showed at the National Art Exhibition in Chicago in 1936 and the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939."

We are so excited to have this important work as we begin this Project.

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